Indie Hip Hop Artist Promotion

music  promotion

Last week we began offering promotional posts for those who have projects that require immediate exposure. Banner advertisement has always been available here and while they have been  effective, my feeling is that their promotional reach is limiting, and I would like those choosing to advertise here to maximize their potential of engagement . Plus, those placing banners here usually have to go through the added process of paying for a graphic designer just to make the promo banner to put on this blog.

With the many submissions we get here every Wednesday and to the inbox, they sometimes don’t get looked at until months after being submitted. This may work well for some, but timing is crucial for the promotion and marketing of some projects. Some of you who have been posted here know that it may take a while before I get to your submissions. One time I posted some artists here who had broken up by the time it went up on the blog. They kindly thanked me but asked me to remove it. Last week I posted a video that was released in October of last year. The group is already in the process of releasing a new one.

So, aside from the music business information offered here, starting this year,  I want to expand on the potential of what I can do to promote serious artists and projects through the Indie Hip Hop brand.  From now on we’ll be offering these posts for those who need immediate promotion at a cost of $49 per post.

This is much less costly than the banner ads we offered and unlike banners, these posts are never removed from the blog. This helps your search engine presence. These posts will also be posted on our social networks.

If this is not something you need, don’t worry, nothing else will change with how we go about reviewing or posting regular submissions.

These promo posts will be labeled as such and have more details about you, your project, or your business, including your social links and where to purchase your product if you have one.

All promo posts will have to be pre-approved. So we will not promote anything that we feel is up to the quality of what we usually post here. A few of you have already contacted me and purchased some slots. They will start to roll out next week and we look forward to helping you get more looks to your projects.

If you’d like to contact us with any questions or purchase a promotional post, use the contact form.