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Example A:  Tracked Out Mix + Master -  Terry MILLA - "It's Bangindo"

Example B: Two-Track Mix + Master -  J3 - "Can't FWM"

Example C: Techno Pop Master "One & Only"

Example D: Hip Hop Gospel Master - Rzarected feat. T. Haddy "Unbelief"

$200 Tracked Out Mixes

Get your tracked out song mixed & ready for mastering for just $100.00 US.  Our experienced engineers will use the latest gear and software to get your song ready for the final phase: mastering.

$100 Two-Track Mixes

Don't have the tracked out session files for the instrumental/song and still need a mix?  No problem! We get these all the time and still make them sound crispy clean! We have techniques and technology that allows us to mix even a two-track recording.  Click below to get started!

Mastering Services - $100/Song

(Package Deals Available for EP's, Albums, Mixtapes, etc. - Contact Us for Pricing)

  • The Final Stage Before Release

    Get your music radio, broadcast, and streaming service ready at an affordable price.

  • Email Updates

    Communication is key.  We will notify you by email when your project is ready for review.  Up to 3 revisions per song.

We Already Know

  • Indie Artist Friendly

    As indie artists, we already know what you’re looking for:  High quality, industry standard sound at reasonable prices.  We deliver that and more.  Our aim is to exceed your expectations.

  • Streaming Service Ready

    Since the internet, music is now listened to in a different way on different platforms.  We’ll get you the high quality professional sound you need to translate to any listening environment.

  • Broadcast Ready

    Be broadcast standard ready with our mastering services.  We’ll get your music Loud without compromising Dynamic Range.


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